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SWF to Video Converter Pro
The best SWF Video Converter for pro

Supported OS: WindowsNT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
Free trialVersion:3.8  Size: 21.40 MB
Buy NowPromotion Price: $99.95
Moyea SWF to Video Converter Prois a handy utility Pro SWF Video Converter that can perfectly convert SWF to Video and Audio format files. With it, you can convert SWF to video or audio from local computer and from internet by adding its URL directly.

- SWF to AVI (XVID Video/DIVX Video), SWF to AVI With Alpha,
- SWF to MP4 ( iPod Video Movie, iPod Touch Movie, Creative Zen Player Video, PSP Movie, Apple TV Movie, iPhone Video ),
- SWF to WMV (Zune Video, Pocket PC Movie, Xbox 360 Movie),
- SWF to 3GP (3GPP, 3GPP2),
- SWF to DV, SWF to MP3, Flash projectors(*.exe) to video, etc.
- SWF to animated GIF, SWF to image series

With no problem referred to audio distortion, loss of frames, audio and video asynchronization for editing software, DVD/TV and portable devices.
More important, this SWF to Video Converter provides a great solution to animation masters, video designers and individuals to create attractive websites, process further editing in Adobe Premiere and explore the depth of digital world, as this SWF to Video Converter support to convert SWF to AVI video with alpha, generate 32 bits RGBA file, offer manual mode for interactive Flash conversion, etc.

Key Features of SWF to Video Converter Pro

  • Realize Alpha Channel of original SWF files in generated video
  • Convert SWF to AVI with RGBA alpha channel
  • Convert SWF to AVI video
  • Convert SWF to FLV
  • Convert SWF to MPEG video
  • Convert SWF to DVD / VCD / SVCD-compatible MPEG files
  • Convert SWF to 3GP video (3GPP/3GPP2)
  • Convert SWF to iPod / PSP movie (MP4) and Support iPod / PSP-compatible codecs such as H264, and MPEG4
  • Convert SWF to DV video
  • Support all compression codecs installed in Windows system, such as 3ivx, DivX, and Xvid, etc
  • Support ActionScript
  • Support recording audio and ripping audio of MP3 format in an independent file
  • Convert the SWF with embedded FLV file to video, audio and image formats
  • Support convert online SWF files in any websites by adding its URL directly.
  • Enabling users to interact with Flash content during conversion
  • Perfectly convert complicated Flash files and completely comply with the rule of WYSIWYG with excellent sound quality and picture quality
  • Support animated logo, GIF picture and transparent background as watermark
  • Adopt Lower-Playback-Speed technology to achieve accurate audio and video synchronization and no frame loss
  • Adopt audio-extracting technology, instead of recording, to 100% keep the original sound effect
  • Allow users to resize the frames to generate videos of suitable size to meet their needs
  • Let users easily crop an area of a SWF picture to convert or convert the full area of a SWF picture
  • Offer "Crop" and "Watermark" functions in batch-mode
  • Support batch-mode conversion
  • Enable users to set the beginning and ending for the created video and effectively control conversion process
  • Support inputting files with multiple types, including .swf and Flash projector .exe.

Main functions of SWF to Video Converter Pro

  • Convert SWF to AVI video
  • Convert SWF to MPEG
  • Convert SWF to FLV
  • Convert SWF to MP4
  • Convert SWF to iPod video (MP4)
  • Convert SWF to iPhone video (MP4)
  • Convert SWF to 3GP video (3GPP/3GPP2)
  • Convert SWF to PSP movie (MP4)
  • Convert SWF to Apple TV video (MP4)
  • Convert SWF to MOV
  • Convert SWF to WMV
  • Convert SWF to DV
  • Convert SWF to MP3
  • Convert SWF to AAC
  • Convert SWF to GIF
  • Convert SWF to image series

Why Install Moyea SWF to Video Converter?

Convert SWF to video or audio from local computer and from internet by adding its URL directly.
Generate editable AVI video format for video professionals.
Turn out DVD, VCD & SVCD-Compatible MPGE file.
Prepare vivid videos for mobile devices.
Make outstanding presentations for business presenters.
Create downloadable content for a website.
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Customer Testimonials
Great! Thanks! As I said – I am very happy with your software and use it often. It is easy, fast and make a good quality videofile. I have tipsed a lot of my friends on the program.
-- From Med vennlig hilsen

Thanks for your great work – and keep up with the good work.
-- From Jay Burt

I was lucky that my search words matched your website offering. I may recommend to my friends about you.
-- From Rajesh Madhawarayan .........