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Moyea Web Player Premium Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about Moyea DVD4Web Converter (Convert DVD to FLV & H.264). If you stilll could not solve your problem here, please feel free to contact our online support center or email us at support@moyeasoft.com

1. What can I do with Moyea Web Player Pro?
With Moyea web flash video player, you can customize and bardian a excellent and decent web flash video player to play all local or online Adobe flash video of FLV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, H264 file on videoshare site, company web, forum, blog, podcast, training centre web, etc. for web designer, salesmen, web amateurs, teachers and so on.

2. How can get a SWF player with Moyea web Player?
It's quite easy.
① Input a flash video file and double click it to test if it is supported format.
② If not supported, choose suitable Encoder to convert for the flash player.
③ Edit target flash video playing in flash video player and capture thumbnail for the appearance on player. ④ Choose suitable player templates and make detail settings for the player.
⑤ Publish a SWF player even though there is no SWF file output option.

3. What flash video formats can the generated web flash video player play?
Currently, the web flash video player generated by this web flash video player can play all the flash video file which supported by Adobe Flash Player can handle, including FLV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, and H264.

4. What files can I get with Moyea Web Player Pro?
Generally, if you like, you can get a SWF file as the flash video player, a XML file with all the flash video playlist you linked to the flash video player to play, and a HTML code file which enables you to control the player settings.

5. What can I do with XML playlist?
With XML playlist, you can directly add or replace any flash video which supported by the flash player to play without using any web flash video player again.

6. What can I do with HTML file?
HTML file allows the player settings changeable directly without using any web flash video player again, including player size, background color, controls settings, etc.

7. Is there any way for me to play the unsupported flash video?
Yes, definitely. Moyea team also offers all kinds of converter tool allowing you to convert the unsupported video file to be the supported ones, these converters including Moyea Video4Web Converter, MoyeaDVD4Web Converter, Moyea PPT4Web Converter, and Moyea SWF4Tube Converter.

8. Is it possible for me to specify different thumbnail for each of the related flash video?
Yes, it's easy. You only need to click a button to capture the thumbnail and save it to a folder, and then browse to specify the image for each related flash video file.

9. Can I specify the URL for each flash video playing on web?
Yes, of course you can. You not only can specify a URL when clicking the flash video, you also can specify another URL after ending playing.

10. I would like to play each flash video in the playlist in a new window; can it be set with this web flash video player do?
Moyea Web Player offers options to allow you editing the playing way of target flash video, including choosing playing window (self-window, parent window, blank new window or top window), style of target flash video, and end target.

11. Can I add special video effects to my Flash video?
Yes. You can choose among the lavish kinds of video effects to the flash movie, and you can also add your preferred video effect to it, just follow by player settings.

12. How do I use flash video with PowerPoint?
(a) Bringing your flash video file into PowerPoint

  • Open PowerPoint and create a new slide.
  • From your Main Menu bar select View>Toolbars>Visual Basic.
  • From the Visual Basic Toolbar, select the 'Control' Toolbox icon and open the 'Control' Toolbox. Choose the More Controls icon and scroll down the list to Shockwave Flash Object.
  • Draw out a rectangle on your slide to any dimension.
  • Right-click on the rectangle you have just drawn and select Properties. This opens a list of Movie properties.

(b) Embedding your video
To embed your video, please make the following changes in the Properties box:

  • Embed Movie: change this value to True
  • Height: change this to the correct dimension of your flash video movie, in this case 150
  • Width: change this to the correct dimension of your flash video movie, in this case 200
  • Loop : change to False (unless you want your video to loop, in which case leave as True)
  • Movie: type in the absolute path of your .swf movie

(c) Viewing your video
To view your video, select Slide show View show from the Main Menu. Your flash video will play on the slide you placed it on.

13.What are the differences between the trial version and the retail version of Moyea Web Player Pro?
A watermark logo of our company will appear over the generated flash video top left. There will be no such annoying stuff if you choose the registered version. Besides, the generated SWF player from the trial version of Moyea Web Player Pro does not accept external commands.

14.What are the minimum system requirements? Windows NT4.0 + SP6/2000XP or above
64MB Memory (128MB recommended)
512MB hard disc space or above
Windows compatible Monitor (800*600 or above resolution)
Windows compatible mouse and keyboard
Windows compatible sound blaster
Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or above
Quick Time file supported Quick Time 6.0 or above
Windows Media Player 9.0 or above

15. What should I do when keeping getting the message that the setup files are corrupted when I install the software?
A: In fact, that's because there is something wrong with your OS. Skype has the same problem with you, and you can check it via http://forum.skype.com/lofiversion/index.php/t54014.html.
Please follow the steps below to solve your problem:
① Please reboot and purge the following folders, please make sure that "x" is your OS disc.
x:\Tmp if available
② Clear your Download Folder (desktop?)
③ At least delete manually downloaded Moyea Web player-setup-file, including the files in "Recycle bin"
④ Reboot your computer.
⑤ Disabling VirusScan, download latest Moyea Web player setup file again.
⑥ But now download to a different location than last time. Do not use default location.
⑦ Install Moyea Web Player to a different location than last time with a different name. Do NOT use default name, use "MX2" for example.
Then, you can install our software.

16. What if I lost my serial number?
You can send email us with your order No. and registered email address to retrieve after the checking by our Moyea Web Player team colleagues.

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Great! Thanks! As I said – I am very happy with your software and use it often. It is easy, fast and make a good quality videofile. I have tipsed a lot of my friends on the program.
-- From Med vennlig hilsen

Thanks for your great work – and keep up with the good work.
-- From Jay Burt

I was lucky that my search words matched your website offering. I may recommend to my friends about you.
-- From Rajesh Madhawarayan .........