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Moyea SWF to Video Converter F.A.Q

FAQs in this section is applicable to all products of Moyea SWF to Video Converter Family, including SWF to Video Converter Pro, SWF to Video Converter Standard, SWF to iPhone Converter, SWF to iPod Converter, SWF to PSP Converter, SWF to Zune Converter, SWF to Apple TV Converter, SWF to MPEG Converter, and SWF to 3GP Converter. If you stilll could not solve your problem here, please feel free to contact our online support center or email us at support@swfkits.com

1. The program tells me that I haven't installed Flash Player ActiveX Control, what do I need to do?
To download Flash Player ActiveX Control plugin. Please dwonload Flash Player ActiveX Control here flash9playercontrol.exe and install it.

2. What Flash files does SWF to Video Converter support?
SWF to Video Converter supports both compressed and uncompressed Flash Movie (.swf) files. Windows Flash Projector (.exe) files are also supported. If you encounter difficulties in installing Flash Player ActiveX Control, please try visiting the website of Adobe at: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi
?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash&promoid=BIOW via Internet Explorer(IE), not Firefox or other browsers.

3. What files does SWF to Video Converter output?
SWF to Video Converter Pro and Standard can both convert your Flash file to MPEG1/MPEG2, AVI, MPG, VOB, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, WMV, FLV, DV, AAC, WMA.

4. I cannot save the height and width I have set, Why?
This program does not support height and width that are not the mutiples of 4, If you want to set height and width in such numbers, the program will automatically make deductions of the input numbers to make them multiples of 4.

5. Can this program convert all Flash Projector files?
No. Only Windows EXE Flash Projector files by Macromedia are supported.

6. What is the difference between AVI and AVI with alpha?
An AVI file with alpha has an alpha transparent channel, and through this channel, the AVI with alpha file can be added to other video files by video editing software to do alpha blending.

7. What are the video codecs with VFW extensions?
Apart from the built-in codec in SWF to Video Converter, the codecs detected from your computer are also supported by the program. These codes are called VFW codecs.

8. The output quality is not high enough. How do I improve it?
The final output quality depends on the video codec and the video bit rate. With the same bit rate, MPEG4 is better than the old codecs such as Cinepak and H263. With the same codec, the higher bit rate, the better quality and the bigger final file size, vice versa. You can also check the option for 32 bits/pixel after you click "Convert" button and click the " Show Advanced Settings" button.

9. I want to convert my Flash file to AVI with no quality loss and import it to a video editing program. What settigns shoud I make?
For video, you can choose lossless codec. The program has a non-loss compression video codec-MFZ0 (MyFlashZip0). For audio, you can choose PCM.

10. I am using VFW to encode my AVI file, but the file size is too big (or the video quality is pretty bad) regardless of what bit rate I set.
Some VFW codecs do not support setting bit rate outside the codec. On this occasion, you shold use the settings of the codec itself.

11. What is the difference between manual conversion mode and automatic conversionmode?
In manual conversion mode, users can interact with the file, like clicking the buttons and control bars. And it is up to the users when to finish capture. So this mode works well with files that need users to interact.
In automatic conversion mode, the file will jump to the next frame if the current frame is paused by the original file itself. And the capture will be automatically finished.

12. What is the difference between automatic conversion in single mode and the the batch mode?
The batch mode enables you to conversion multiple files by clicking the "Convert" button if there is not any changes when converting. You should confirm the conversion settings in single mode. The batch mode ensures you that the capture is automatic finished if you do not specify the end time, and the conversion will not stop if you do not cancel or skip the conversion.

13. The program tells me that I didn't make the correct settings when I click "Convert". What should I do?
Please try to change video codec, video size, video frame rate, audio sample rate, audio bit rate or audio channel to see if it works.

14. When should I choose to reduce Capture Speed?
Lowering the Capture Speed can avoid losing frames. If your CPU is not very advanced or your Flash file is CPU intensive, please lower the Capture Speed. It will not affect the playback speed of the output file.

15. When I play the converted file, it is very jumpy, both the video and the audio. How can I fix this?
You can lower the Capture Speed and try again. Usually lowering Capture Speed will fix this.

16. How do I convert a part of my Flash file?
In the convert window, click the "Start Play" button and the program will start to play your Flash file for conversion. Then the button on the bottom will be shown as Start Capture. Click it if you want to set the current frame as the first frame. After you click it, it will be shown as Finish. Click Finish when you see the frame that you want to set as the last frame. If you want to capture from the very beginning, you can just click Start Capture when it begins to play. Then the button will be shown as Finish. Click it if you want to set the current frame as the last frame.

17. The converted AVI file can be played on the computer on which I did the conversion, but it cannot be played on other computers. What has gone wrong?
To play AVI files, correct codecs should be installed. For example, if you want to play AVI files encoded by DIVX, you should install DIVX codec on your computer. MFZ0 is a video codec that developed by our company, you can download the codec of MFZ0 from MFZ0Codec.exe.

18. The output AVI file is even bigger than 2G. Can it still be played by Windows Media Player?
Windows Media Player does not support playing AVI files that are bigger than 2G.

19. What kind of settings do I have to set if I want to get Zune movies?
With Moyea SWF to Zune Converter, you can select the commonly used profile. The key point in this aspect is the proper choice of video size and codec. The popular video size and codec are offered in the profile for your reference.
With Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro or Moyea SWF to Video Converter Standard, you can choose Zune Movie (*wmv) from the Profile to specify the output format. Then the program will offer the possible choices of video size, codec for you to choose from.

20.Why sometimes my video and audio is not sync to each other in the result video?
Sometimes, the streaming audio in flash movie will cause the out of sync problem.
To this problem, I would like to explain to you that Flash Player is not played according to the frame rate which is set when designing the SWF file. There is a post named "Frame rates in the Flash Player" which is written by the developer can help you to understand this point http://www.kaourantin.net/2006/05/frame-rates-in-flash-player.html.

If you want that a SWF file can be played in the same duration under different browser, different machine or the same machine but the different time of the day and to get the best result, we suggest to change the streaming sound to event sound, and disable the "Audio Streaming" setting in the Publish Setting Dialog Box when you export flash to swf.

21. why sometimes only first one or two frames get captured and converted?
It maybe your swf file has only a few frames, please convert in manual mode. And it is up to you when to finish capture by clicking on the "Finish" button.[ Top ]

22. I keep getting the message saying "Flash Player ActiveX Control not found or the controls version is lower than 7" when trying opening the program. I have installed the latest Flash ActiveX (9) installed, but the program still cannot run. Any ideas?
As to the error message, please update the SWF to Video Converter to the latest version from the download link included in the confirmation email that we previously send to your registration email address when you purchased, then it will be OK.

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