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DVD4Web Converter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about Moyea DVD4Web Converter (Convert DVD to FLV & H.264). If you stilll could not solve your problem here, please feel free to contact our online support center or email us at dvd4web@flash-video-mx.com

1. What are the formats supported to generate by Moyea DVD4Web Converter?
Currently, the output formats supported to generate are only FLV file and MP4 file. Of course, the more video formats file would be added to generate, including MOV, 3GP, and 3G2.

2. I have not received my registration information. Why?
Do not panic! In many cases, there may be a processing delay. Sometimes, people have supplied the wrong email. In rare cases, the registered users are unreachable due to misconfigured email clients or privacy control. Please email to dvd4web@flash-video-mx.com. We will reply for you soon.

3.What is the limitation for the trial version?
Compared with the retail version, the trial version just contains a logo watermark on the converted file as a mark that is different from the retail one.

4. Does the program work with Microsoft Vista Operating System?
Yes. Moyea DVD4Web Converter supports Windows Vista with both 32-bit and 64-bit Edition. Please make sure that you install the program under Administrator account in Vista, but there is no such need when run the program.

5. Can I crop the video file and extract the black edges around my movie?
Yes. You can crop the movie to get the content you prefer. Select the movie and then click "Customize", click on the "Crop" tab. There are three ways to crop the black edges:

  • Select the options in the drop-drown list of "Letter Box".
  • Drag the dashed frame on the preview panel.
  • Change the value of the four positions: Top, Left, Right and Bottom.
  • Click "OK" to save the changes and the black edges will be eliminated.

6. What can I do with the generated FLV and MP4 file?
For the generated FLV file, you can upload it to some video share sites like YouTube, blog for company products publicizing, and make flash video player for web to play online and local Adobe flash video file with Moyea Web Player.

7. Why can't I transfer the converted MP4 file to my iPhone?
As MP4 file including many kinds, and the MP4 file compatible with Portable devices like iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Apple TV, etc. must has suitable parameters like video size, video bite rate. Therefore, if you want the generated MP4 file can be played on your Portable devices, you have to set suitable parameters for the output MP4 file.

8. Can I retain the beautiful image from the DVD?
Yes, it's extremely easy, there is an icon allowed clicking to capture thumbnail and save it in the formats of JPEG, BMP, and THM.

9. The sound of the output file is too low, even if I drag to the right in the volume adjustment in the player. Can I set a larger volume?
You can select the file and then click the "Customize" button. Under the "Effect" tab, there is an option named "Volume". Drag the bar to a larger percentage. Click "OK" to save the settings. Then the output volume will be louder.

10. Can I set to convert some of the file to be converted first?
Yes. The program enables you to set the conversion priority by editing the file list. You can select a file and then click "Move up" or "Move down" button, or drag the file to the position you want after selecting. You can also set to convert multiple files at one time by modifying the "Max Process" in the Preferences settings. When the program starts conversion, you can also click on the converting file and click "Pause" to enable the waiting-to-convert file to change the state and start conversion.

11. I want to use my own settings for the output file, but I have to specify the settings each time I set the files. Is there any quick way?
Please select a file and then click on the "Settings" button, and then you may find the button "Save as". After changing the parameters in the Profile window, click on the "Save as" button and save it with the name you prefer. Click the "OK" button to save the settings. Then you can select the profile directly on the "Format". You may also click "Apply to all" beside the "Setting" button, to apply the format to all the files on the list.

12. The output settings are not satisfying. Can I get a better quality?
Please notice that the video quality depends on the source file. If the output file is not as good as the source file, you can choose a higher bit rate to improve the output quality. You may also modify settings like contrast, dimensions, and length, and reset the audio volume, etc until you are satisfied. If still not, you can directly consult the Help file or email to Moyea support team at dvd4web@flash-video-mx.com, and we will always offer you the prompt solution to your problem.

13. The output file size is too large. How can I get a smaller file?
The file size depends on the duration of the movie, the video bit rate and the codec you select for the output file. You can set a lower bit rate for a smaller file size. Please notice that the quality of the output file will be less desirable with lower bit rate, but you can select a proper bit rate for you after some test of the conversion.

14. How to contact us to report bugs?
Please email any bugs or suggestions to dvd4web@flash-video-mx.com.

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