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Join our affiliate program, earn up to 50% commission from now on!

Benefits to Join Moyea PowerPoint Tools Software
1 . Free to join, NO charge for becoming an affiliate.
2 . Make your traffic more profitable.
3 . Fast and safe to increase your Cash Flow.
4 . Track sales in real time with sales report.
5 . Get credit for each sale from your Website.
6 . Safe with cookies backup to ensure you with any future order from your website.

How much is the sales commission?
To get our sales Commission, click here
If you need some special commissions, please fell free to contact us via Email address: sales@moyeasoft.com

How to join Moyea Flash Video affiliate program?
Just follow below two steps:
1 . Register an affiliate ID in https://www.regnow.com/signup/affiliate?auto_vendor=17200-1
2 . Get your specific affiliate program URL or Custom build

How to get your specific affiliate program URL?
Below is the URL format for your reference:
SWF to Video Converter Pro: https://www.regnow.com/checkout/cart/add/17200-1&affiliate=youraffiliateID

How to get custom agent version?
1 . Link to RegNow Trial Links.
You can directly add the Trial Links on RegNow to the web page. It is the easiest and quickest way to enable you to get the latest
version of the software.
2 . Download the product file from the RegNow system.
The product file includes your affiliate ID automatically. Host the setup file to your website for you audience to download.
3 . Create your own version.
Download the setup file from our website, and rename it with your affiliate ID. For example, you can add "_rXXXXX" to filename
ppt2dvd_setup.exe, e.g. change to ppt2dvd_setup_rXXXXX.exe. XXXXX is your affiliate ID.
Once a customer installs the product, a "buy url" will be created with your affiliate ID to ensure that you get sales credit from the
download from your website.
4 . Input your RegNow affiliate ID in the below form, select the product, then click "Download My Custom
Builder Now!" button to get your unique RegNow custom build.

How to earn money by marketing Moyea Software without owning website?
Yes, this is the best and easiest way to earn cash by affiliate Moyea Software.
1. Register an account in Regnow http://www.regnow.com
2. Copy this link http://www.regnow.com/softsell/visitor.cgi?affiliate=youraffiliateID&action=site&vendor=17200
3. Get market Moyea Software on some blog, forum, and news website via the above link
4. The above link will guide visitors to http://www.moyeasoft.com
5. Then you can get the commissions from any orders occurred via this link entering.

Select a Product you want to get Price Commission Regnow ID PAD File Certification
Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro $99.95 35% / $34.98 17200-3 ppt to dvd burner pad  
Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite $79.95 35% / $27.98 17200-19 ppt to dvd burner lite pad  
Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Edition $75.95 50% / $37.98 17200-18 ppt to dvd burner edu edition pad  
Moyea PPT to Video Converter $49.95 35% / $17.48 17200-5 ppt to video converter pad  
Moyea PPT4Web Converter $39.95 50% / $19.98 17200-4 ppt4web converter pad  
Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu Edition $35.95 50% / $17.98 17200-20 ppt to video edu edition pad  
Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro $99.95 30% / $29.985 17200-1 swf to video converter pro pad  
Moyea SWF to Video Converter Standard $69.95 30% / $20.985 17200-2 swf to video converter std pad  
Moyea SWF to MPEG Converter $49.95 50% / $24.975 17200-16 swf to mpeg converter pad  
Moyea SWF4Tube Converter $59.95 30% / $17.985 17200-8 swf4tube converter pad  
Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter $49.95 50% / $24.975 17200-15 swf to 3gp converter pad  
Moyea SWF to iPad Converter $49.95 50% / $24.975 17200-21 swf to ipad converter pad  
Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter $49.95 40% / $19.98 17200-17 swf to iphone converter pad  
Moyea SWF to iPod Converter $49.95 40% / $19.98 17200-11 swf to ipod converter pad  
Moyea SWF to Apple TV Converter $49.95 50% / $24.975 17200-14 swf to apple tv pad  
Moyea SWF to Zune Converter $49.95 50% / $24.975 17200-13 swf to zune converter pad  
Moyea SWF to PSP Converter $49.95 50% / $24.975 17200-12 swf to psp converter pad  
Moyea Web Player Premium $99.95 30% / $29.985 17200-9 web player premium pad  
Moyea Web Player Basic $49.95 30% / $14.985 17200-10 web player basic pad  
Moyea DVD4Web Converter $29.95 50% / $14.975 17200-7 dvd4web converter pad  
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Great! Thanks! As I said – I am very happy with your software and use it often. It is easy, fast and make a good quality videofile. I have tipsed a lot of my friends on the program.
-- From Med vennlig hilsen

Thanks for your great work – and keep up with the good work.
-- From Jay Burt

I was lucky that my search words matched your website offering. I may recommend to my friends about you.
-- From Rajesh Madhawarayan .........