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PR for Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V.3.3(Dec.26, 2008 )

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Moyea SWF To Video Converter Series Version 3.3 Is Released With More Stable and Faster SWF To Video Conversion Function

Shenzhen P.R. China. –Dec. 26, 2008 - Moyea Software Co., Ltd. (http://www.moyeasoft.com/) Moyea SWF to Video Converter 3.3 series, including Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro, SWF to Video Converter Std, SWF to iPod Converter, SWF to iPhone Converter, SWF to Apple TV Converter, SWF to PSP Converter, SWF to Zune Converter, SWF4Web Converter, SWF to MPEG Converter, SWF to 3GP Converter are updated to version 3.3 for a faster and more stable SWF to video conversion.

This SWF converter series is to convert Adobe Shockwave Flash to video for different uses. For this update, users will have unprecedented access to the capabilities of your devices. Either the SWF file or the background music can be abstracted to an independent file for your use. Moreover, you are allowed to get the Flash shortened with the length you want. The converters are for different users, too. Convert SWF to video with the Pro version may retain the RGBA effect of the original video, while other converters can’t. Convert SWF to video with the Std version, it is easily available with various video formats, like AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, MP3, etc. for video playing on different portable devices. Convert SWF to video with small converters for the specific gadget on palm can save a lot of money!

Fast is better than slow. This update of the whole series is aimed at a faster and stabler conversion by updating the low level lib. The converter offers both single mode and batch mode. Single mode is to convert a file while batch mode is to convert piles of files at a time. It is more apparent when process under the batch mode that the conversion may fall to abortion or conversion failure, as it requires a lot more CPU resources. Compared with the previous versions, this problem will appear much fewer, as our engineers have focused on this problem and filled great efforts to get it fixed finally.

All SWF can be converted fully. Some SWF files can’t be fully converted under manual mode is a brain spin ever. When users are trying to convert an SWF to video, they may output only part of it or just a portion of it, which is quite annoying. In this version this problem is solved, too, and users may feel free to use it and get the full video you want.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter series is intended to be the easiest tools to convert SWF to video for Flash playable on portable devices. The problems fixed will improve the conversion in a fast leap, and users can benefit much!

Product page: http://www.moyeasoft.com/swf-converter/swf-to-video.html
Company website: http://www.moyeasoft.com
E-mail: support@moyeasoft.com

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Great! Thanks! As I said – I am very happy with your software and use it often. It is easy, fast and make a good quality videofile. I have tipsed a lot of my friends on the program.
-- From Med vennlig hilsen

Thanks for your great work – and keep up with the good work.
-- From Jay Burt

I was lucky that my search words matched your website offering. I may recommend to my friends about you.
-- From Rajesh Madhawarayan .........